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A solitary figure sits holding a yoga pose on the beach as the sun is rising.

Sunday Morning Yoga Adjacent to Stage Neck Inn

Southern Maine comes alive in the Spring and Summer months with seasonal opportunities to enjoy the scenic Maine coastline. Yoga on York is offering their very popular Yoga on the Beach sessions,  in the quiet cove of York Harbor Beach, located next to Stage Neck Inn. The one hour class takes place at 7 a.m. on alternating Sunday mornings. Sessions are offered as part of a multi-class purchase or $20 per drop-in class. Although those who attend are primarily local residents, guests of Stage Neck Inn can also advantage of this yoga class just steps away from their hotel room.

“We offer a unique location well-suited for morning yoga. York Harbor Beach is one of the first places along the US coastline to experience the sunrise,” said Mark Foster, owner of Stage Neck Inn. “It doesn’t matter how many times you've seen it, watching an Atlantic sunrise never gets old.”

There are plenty of benefits to exercising outdoors. Those of us who live in New England know too well, a vitamin D deficiency affects not only the body but also our happiness. Research shows that sunlight is beneficial to the body and prevents depression. Having exposure to sunlight is proven to help prevent the onset of various forms of cancer, as well as many other ailments. Outdoor activities, such as this beachfront yoga offering, will provide essential vitamin D your body requires to stay healthy.

“The sun is the orchestra leader for the dance of life,” said natural health expert Barbara Minton. “Every living thing on Earth vibrates to the energy of the sun, including people. For a long time people have been victims of a huge scam that made them think they were supposed to hide indoors or under a blanket of sunscreen while the rest of life basked in the glory of the sun. Now they are catching on that they too need the sun’s life-giving force.”

Another benefit of yoga on the beach is promoting a feeling of well-being. According to a study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal, exercising in nature (especially near water) helps relieve stress and tension, as well as boosting enjoyment, satisfaction and energy. It can take as little as just five or ten minutes of activity outdoors to significantly improve our sense of well-being. The presence of water encourages a meditative state of calm focus and awareness, which promotes inner peace and happiness.

“To mindfully stretch and strengthen your body, moving to the flow of your deep breathing and the sound of the ocean does wonders for health and wellness,” states Yoga on the Beach organizer Yoga on York.

Where there is water, there is also high levels of oxygen, another health-boosting element that will add to your overall happiness. A recent study found that seniors who exercise outdoors do so for longer periods than those who exercise indoors. This is because fresh air gives the body a healthier supply of oxygen. The air by the sea is even better, because it offers higher levels of iodine and ozone. Ocean air helps to build a strong immune system, so yoga at the beach can further strengthen it thanks to the many breathing techniques. Yoga on the beach also stimulates and improves your metabolism, as well as advancing serotonin levels in the brain.

"Rejuvenating", "relaxing", and "uplifting" are some the words beachgoers and yogis alike use to describe their experience on York Harbor Beach. Yoga and the beach ... two wonderful ways to boost your immune system and refresh your spirt. Give this yoga class a try (drop ins are always welcome)  or feel free to bring your own yoga mat and enjoy the morning serenity on Harbor Beach when you are at the Inn. Visit YogaOnYork.com for their schedule and additional information.

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