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Warm and Fuzzy Maine Innkeeping

During the coldest months of the year, it's natural for people to seek out places, activities and even others that give them the feeling of warmth and security. Here at Stage Neck Inn, we ask ourselves "what are the things that comfort our guests during the frigid months of winter?"

Naturally, answers can vary, based upon our guests' personal tastes and ideas, but there is one constant. Here in Maine, and specifically in our little corner of York Harbor, it’s the connections formed with others that most nurture us.

Our small, cozy inn, nestled into the rocky coastline of Maine, has proven to be the perfect environment for nourishing existing relationships, as well as forming new ones. Time and time again, guests tell us our staff is a huge part of what they love about Stage Neck Inn. Some guests actually come to think of staff members as their extended family and vice versa.

“Many times, from many different people, I’ve been told that checking in to the Inn is like coming home to family,” said our Innkeeper. “Guests seek out staff members who have served them on prior stays ... staff who know their tastes and interests. Guests seek me out and express their pleasure to have reconnected with one of my staff ... someone who has made their stay memorable or more comfortable in the past.”

"We love that we are able to enhance our guests getaway, making their time spent with loved ones more precious. We find a specialness in helping them plan a romantic dinner or suggesting area adventures we know will lead to wonderful family memories. This attitude is what helps create a unique connection between staff and guests."

Long-term employee, Jane Smith, fondly recalls many of the guests that she formed meaningful relationships with over the years. “A lot of guests knew what was going on in my life, because they would call throughout the year just to say hello and check in on me,” said Smith. “It was in that way that many of the guests started to feel like extended family to me.”

Smith said she also received cards in the mail from guests throughout the year. According to Smith, these cards didn’t mark any significant holiday or occasion. They were simply sent to show she was in their thoughts.

These sentiments are not just one sided. When Pressey notices a familiar face has not returned to the Inn for an extended period of time, she calls just to see if they are alright. Staff members here also think about guests long after they’ve checked out.

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Housekeeping Closet #3 contains a brown paper bag filled with Beanie Babies. Housekeeper, Brittney Moulton, started keeping the collection after forming a special relationship with one young guest, Annabelle. Four-year-old Annabelle was fascinated with Brittney’s short pink hair and the two became fast friends at first sight. On the family's scheduled day of departure, Brittney asked Annabelle’s parents if it was ok to give Annabelle a gift to remember her by. With their permission, Brittney  gave Annabelle a little Beanie Baby Parrot that sported a similar tuft of hot pink hair.

“Annabelle loved it so much that I started keeping a selection for other kids that came to visit too. Now every time Annabelle visits I make sure I leave her one on her bed to remember me by,” said Moulton.

We witness many endearing acts of caring and friendship between couples that frequent the Inn. Smith recalled one couple in particular in which the husband always referred to his wife as "Mrs. Lucky" and sometimes to himself as "Mr. Lucky".

The one constant attitude that Smith has witnessed among many couples is their attentiveness toward one another. Whether it is booking their partner an appointment at the Spa at Stage Neck or simply getting a cup of tea while they read by the fireplace, couples tend to nurture each other here. “So many times I see men concerned about the comfort of their wives and that caring reciprocated. We similarly love to be attentive to our guests,” said Smith.

What makes Stage Neck Inn mean "warm and fuzzy" to so many of our guests? It’s not merely our plush guest rooms, or the elaborate dining experience, or our breathtaking and romantic setting. We credit our team ... people who have made Stage Neck Inn their workplace and passion for many years. We, too, recognize we are the lucky ones!

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