Stage Neck Inn's meeting website viewed on a cell phone. Wifi hub to the side of the phone.

Harborview Room Wireless Capabilities

System Requirements & Technical Info

Our wireless platform is compatible with iPad2, iPad mini, iPhone 4s, iPhone5, iPod touch1, iMac2, Macbook air3, or Macbook Pro4. With any of these devices you can connect, then present exactly what's on your device in real time.

PC Solutions

We understand that the business world is primarily PC based, that's why it was important for us to identify a solution to migrate PC content to Mac iOS based devices. Brainshark, a Massachusetts based software firm, has developed cloud based software and apps for Mac iOS products that successfully convert information from PC to Mac iOS. They offer two products we think are excellent, Brainshark & Slideshark. enables a user to compose a multimedia presentation on their PC, upload the content to the Brainshark cloud, and then load the presentation from the cloud to a Mac iOs device using their free Brainshark app. operates using the same cloud based principles however its main function is to convert Power Point presentations to your Mac iOS device. Simply upload your Power Point presentation from your PC to the Slideshark cloud and then from the cloud to your Mac iOS device using their free Slideshark app.

Both solutions allow you to transfer content from your PC to a Mac iOS based device and stream your content wirelessly to your audience.

Non Mac Solutions

For folks that do not have one of the before mentioned Mac iOS compatible devices we can still comfortably assist you in connecting your PC to our ceiling mounted HD projector via our 30 foot VHA cable. Also, you can utilize the Stage Neck Inn's iPad25. to connect and present wirelessly to your audience in the Harborview Room.

Our Technology Commitment

In closing, the Stage Neck Inn is committed to providing you with the best possible venue to host your meeting or conference. Our on-site tech support will be happy to assist you before, during, and after your event to ensure the best possible meeting and presentation experience.

1 5th Generation

2 Mid 2011 or later models

3 Mid 2011 or later models

4 Early 2011 with Mountain Lion iOS

5 Subject to additional fee

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