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Dinner Menu

Dinner includes Small Plates, Raw Bar, Soups & Salads, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Maine Lobster Dinners & Dinner Entrées

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raw bar
soups & salads

Appetizers & Small Plates

Fish & Chips 14
fried local haddock • fries • tartar sauce

Fried Calamari 13
lemon green onion black pepper aioli

Crab Cake 14
remoulade • whole grain mustard tomato jam

Maine Mussels 14
sour yellow curry • cocunut • kaffir lime

Fried Oysters 12
malt vinegar aioli

Baked Clams 16
porcini mushrooms • Italian flat leaf

Doc Prosciutto GF 14
pickled mustard seed • espresso aioli

Crispy Brussels Sprouts GF 11
pistou • pine nuts

Hummus VEG 8
chickpea • sesame • grilled flatbread

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Raw Bar

Daily Local Oysters on the ½ Shell GF 3 ea
kombu mignonette • cocktail ice

Poke 16
seaweed ginger dressing • avocado

Gulf Shrimp Cocktail GF 15
housemade cocktail sauce

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Soups & Salads

Maine Clam Chowder 7/850

Artichoke Lobster Soup 14
summer truffle • reggiano

Baked Onion Soup 850
parmesan crostini • melted Swiss cheese

Seegers Green Salad GF 7
local mixed greens • daily dressings

Arugula & Sweet Corn GF 8
lemon • pecorino • extra virgin olive oil

Beet Salad GF 9
beet purée • chèvre • sorrel • walnuts

Caesar 8
romaine hearts • sourdough crouton • parmesan

Stage Neck Wedge GF 8
bibb lettuce • lardons • pickled green onion • ranch dill dressing

Salad Enhancements
grilled shrimp 10, salmon 10, scallops 12, steak tips 10, chicken 7


Margherita 14
oven-dried tomato • mozzarella • fresh basil

Maine Sea Pie 25
lobster • shrimp • scallops • crème fraiche • pistou

Three Cheese 11

Add The Following To Any Pizza
broccoli, ham, olives, onions, pepperoni, peppers, pineapple 2 each

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choice of chips, french fries, sweet potato, or cole slaw

Classic Maine Lobster Roll 22
Maine lobster • mayonnaise • buttered toasted roll

Maine Lobster BLT 22
brioche roll • curry truffle aioli

Tuna Tartine 12
sourdough • celery hearts • fennel • radish • kewpie

California Turkey 15
bacon • avocado • cheddar • lemon aioli • brioche roll

Stage Neck Reuben 15
corned beef • house sauerkraut • swiss cheese • 1000 island • pumpernickel swirl

Grilled Angus Burger 14
brioche roll • lettuce • tomato • onion
American • cheddar • Swiss • bleu + $1

The Veggie Wrap 13
marinated seasonal vegetables • mozzarella

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Maine Lobster Entrées

Traditionally Steamed 1¼ Lb. Maine Lobster GF 32
potato purée • seasonal vegetable

Baked, Seafood-Stuffed 1¼ Lb. Maine Lobster 36
potato purée • seasonal vegetable

Butter Poached (Out of Shell) 1¼ Lb. Maine Lobster GF 32
potato purée • seasonal vegetable

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Bouillabaisse GF 28
daily catch • lobster • crab claws • shrimp • mussels • rouille

Diver Scallops GF 30
spinach • cultivated mushrooms • polenta • chicken jus

Lobster Risotto GF 36
cremini mushroom • sorrel • chive

Horseradish Panko-Crusted Haddock 28
chardonnay sauce • potato purée • seasonal vegetable

Organic Salmon GF 30
sunchoke • pernod chervil • pink peppercorn

Filet Mignon GF 36
potato purée • seasonal vegetable • red wine sauce

Bone-In Rib-Eye GF 34
potato purée • roasted garlic • maldon sea salt • mignonette pepper

Veal Chop 36
root vegetable cannelloni • lardo • raisin date veal jus

Bell & Evans Bricked Chicken GF 26
potato purée • spinach • preserved lemon garlic sauce

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GF denotes Gluten Free; VEG denotes Vegetarian
Item multiple pricing denotes portion options.

Stage Neck Inn is situated overlooking The Atlantic Ocean, The York River, York Harbor, and Harbor Beach. From Shearwater, looking out to sea, you might spot Black Rocks and Millbury Ledge. When the view no longer entices and at night, our view-through fireplace and unique bar become focal points.

A 20% service charge will be added for parties of 8 or more.
Consumption of raw or undercooked food may increase risk of foodborne illness

Prices are subject to change and correction without notice
and do not include Maine Meals Tax or service charges.

Executive Chef, Lawrence Klang

Call 800-340-1130 extension 405 for Reservations or use OpenTable booking below.

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