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February 19, 2013

Stage Neck Inn in Top 4% of Maine Hotels

The owners and staff of Stage Neck Inn are very proud to be ranked in the top 4% of hotels in Maine by the Travel Division of US News & World Report. The US New & World Report states:

"The U.S. News & World Report travel rankings are based on an analysis of expert and user opinions. We believe this unbiased approach makes our rankings more useful than simply providing our editors' personal opinions.

"But even though our rankings of hotels, vacations and things to do are based on a wide collection of independent opinions, the best options for you may not be those ranked #1 or #2. Travel experiences are personal ones. Nonetheless, we hope that our rankings can serve as helpful guideposts as you plan your next trip.

"Each hotel's place in our rankings takes into account the aggregate opinion of published travel experts and the overall customer satisfaction expressed in online guest reviews. The highest-ranking hotels are typically those that both experts and users recognize for their exceptional quality.

"To rank hotels, we compute a Hotel Score based on the following underlying components:

  • Awards & Recognition: We evaluate the number and prominence of awards and recommendations a hotel has received from respected travel publications. However, all such awards and recommendations are not considered equal. Some are highly selective and may apply to only a handful of hotels across the globe. Others apply to a vast number of hotels and are thus considered less selective. We assign up to 10 points of value for each major industry accolade, which must be current (earned within the past twelve months). A hotel with several accolades may accumulate a high number of Awards & Recognition points. There is no limit to the number of such points a hotel may receive.
  • Hotel Class: A hotel's class rating—a 4-, 4.5- or 5-star rating—is a general indicator of quality. However, it is by no means universal. Many travelers may be surprised to learn that a hotel labeled a 3-star property by one publication may be labeled a 4.5-star property by another. In our analysis, U.S. News editors have reviewed multiple sources to estimate the mean-average class rating for each hotel that we rank. In our rankings calculation, a hotel may receive up to 10 points for its average hotel class. The number of points is directly proportional to the class rating. Specifically, a 4-star hotel receives 8 out of 10 points; a 4.5-star hotel receives 9 out of 10 points; and a 5-star hotel receives 10 out of 10 points.
  • Guest Rating: A hotel's guest rating is that provided under license by The Guest Rating is worth between 10 points and 20 points in our hotel rankings' methodology, with the weighting based on the number of underlying guest reviews. Hotels with fewer guest reviews will see a guest rating weighted closer to 10 points, whereas hotels with thousands of guest reviews will have higher weightings for the guest rating"


The ranking page for Stage Neck Inn may be viewed in this PDF. This ranking is from February, 2013.